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[Bug] Bronze Horn Figurine Aminat stays around

Guest Jackmoved


Guest Jackmoved


The item “Bronze Horn Figurine” that summons an Animat reacts strangely. Multiple times after summoning an Animat during combat, he persists on the screen and can still fight as if he were a character. Also, even when the character that summoned him and thus, the item that summons him, are no longer in the party, the Animat follows the team.

On a side note, once this bug occurs, the Animat moves at an incredible speed.


Steps to Reproduce the Issue:


List the steps of how to make the issue happen.

 1. Buy a Bronze Horn Figurine

2. Use it during combat

3. Watch the magic happen



Screenshot, savefile, and dxdiag in the zip/link below:



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Registered just to reply to this. It's not just the "Bronze Horn Figurine". I'm getting the same response from the three figurines I currently use. 


"Bronze Horn Figurine"

"Ashwood Cameo Figurine"

"Oaken Scarab Figurine"

They all started bugging out when I got to the Catacombs. I'm currently playing on PoTD solo and I'm worried that this will make the save ineligible for the solo achievement. Similar to what Jackmoved said there are times when the summons move incredibly fast. I've been killing my summons after every combat just to make sure they disappear. Hope this gets some exposure. 

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I registered just to post this.


The same thing happened to me once I got to the catacombs. My obsidian lamp ended up allowing one shadow to exist post combat, after the others were unsummoned.


It's worth mentioning that I'm also going for the solo achievement. I don't know if this, combined with the catacombs is what's causing problems. 

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