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Documentary on Blue-Ray

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I realize that we will have access to a digital download version of the doco once its complete, but my backer level does state DVD/Blu-Ray. Does that mean that this too will be shipped with the game disc, or is it coming separately.


Quoting the tier description.


$140 reward

3,496 backers

Previous reward tier + we will upgrade your box to a COLLECTOR'S EDITION BOX. You will find a CLOTH MAP OF THE GAME WORLD and the PROJECT ETERNITY CLOTH PATCH inside the box + EARLY BETA ACCESS + PROJECT ETERNITY MOUSE PAD. The collector's edition box will include a cloth map just like the old RPGs that we love. You will also get early access to the game with a BETA KEY. Includes Making of Project Eternity Documentary (DVD/Blu-ray). The game patch is an embroidered high quality non-iron on patch. Game patches are a tradition at Obsidian, and we want to share that tradition with you! Please add $20 for international shipping.

Estimated delivery: 

Apr 2014
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