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Like in good ol' BG times: Party vs. party tavern brawl

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So I just arrived in the big city and went to the tavern Goose and Fox. As I climb up the stairs I see a full party of adventurerers. Memories of glourious bar fights in the BG titles come to my mind. Unfortunately they didn't give me a reason to start a fight, so I had to attack them :dancing:


No matter what alignment or type of character I play, I just HAD to do this. The party vs. party fights in BG I and II where easily the most funny and as I remember some of the most challenging ones. The most memorable fight of all was, I think, versus Gretek and his Maulers in The Helm and Cloak in the city of Baldur's Gate.


Arrows, Magic Missiles and other spells flying around in the tavern, commoners running around scared... it was quite a thing.


The battle in the Goose and Fox was rather easy and unpretentious, unfortunately, but at least it was a pup brawl!


Are there more of this to come? Maybe better not answer on this question because spoiler ^^

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