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Blown away. totally blown away. 


It's got all the nostalgia with tons of improvements to the genre


I just love the vibe of this game


here's my list of things I dig about this game 25 hours in (yeah I can play RPGs at work, eat your heart out) 


the 2 tone hand drawn style screen that describes a puzzle or plot exposition. Totally dig that. Keeps the immersion and gets the point across better than plain text or in game graphics could and it's very effective. 


speed walking through areas you've explored. god damn these games needed this 15 years ago (darksun made when I was 4 years old had good speed walking and with dosbox i'd turn it up even faster) 


no bugs, I've heard there's bugs... I havent hit one yet


the voice acting is top notch 


the immersion is so much better than what u got from divinity original sin, a great game but I definately prefer the style here better. Whether it'll be as good as that game remains to be seen but it's got a leg up on em IMO 


the ghostly effects showing memories (cant go in to detail without spoilers) really cool use of the engine. I know Elder Scrolls did it first but doesn't matter. It's part of the story and the "event" that's happening to the character so I don't think it's a rip off at all. great and very captivating. I been playing it with my cousin watching who's 10 and everytime he's like "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!!!" so it works really well. 


when you physic whatever stuff happens the effect and the color change. That's a really cool and immersible way to do it. Love it. It gets your attention in a big way.


it feels just like Baldurs Gate but it's obviously a 2015 upgrade. There's key differences in how the story progresses. Seems like you don't get dumped with 100 quests when you go into a town. They side quests go with the story and don't seem pointless. 


Characters are great. love the down to earth feel of the characters. not over blown and ridiculous 


the lore is great, love that the game has a recent history that is very traumatic. It reminds me of star wars and skyrim in how it does this


The villains are ****ing nuts so far. I was like thinking to myself when I got a particular kill the bad guy quest "oh hell yeah I get to kill this **** now" so obviously the game is sucking me in. 


The writing is great. it's like reading a book. I've not read this much in agame and enjoyed since dare I say ...  planescape torment (oh yeah I just said) 

I find myself chasing down every person that has a bio so I can read it. great writing. Write a god damn book fellas you'd be great at it. 



OK things I dont like


Stash... I guess I dont get it. so u can carry several tons of gear? I kind of like the immersion of having to pick and choose what you roll with into trouble. If you're down to ur lost potion u feel like you're in a deadly struggle to survive. Having mountains of gear doesnt make sense to me. not a huge complaint though. guess they could have a mule following them around or be stashing the stuff somewhere i dont know how it's supposed to work.


the backers names in the memorial. I'd really prefer not to have the immersion spoiled by anything intentionally.


Not knowing the combat system at all and very little guidance, I couldnt afford the guide maybe that's why it's so poorly explained. Ill get it eventually im sure


It makes me wish to tears that DnD would get their **** together and make a BG3 with DnD next mechanics. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE hire obsidian to do it. 


game is  pretty hard 


a lot of times I'm worried if I progress forward I'll be skipping side quests and stuff. It's not clear if it's sandbox about it's side quests or not. I'm always afraid to progress forward. The story can feel a little lost at times between major events. 


green circles around NPCs? makes more sense to have em blue like Baldurs gate


the combat is a little static but I do enjoy the combat very much. Being able to keep your baddies fighting your tank in a less MMORPG type way, I like that and it does make sense a wizard wouldn't be able to turn his back to someone swinging a battleaxe at their head.and not die. So the Jury is out on this. I do enjoy the combat but I wish I could move my guys around more


you get a stronghold in a "well here ya go" kind of way they could have ripped off the BG2 system in everyway and that'd be better i think. It could have been more part of the story and interesting than "OOO I get a stronghold "





Great Game obsidian best 44 bucks I spent this year that wasn't on hand crafted beer


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