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Druid Firebrand spell is game breaker after a reload if still active, prevent equiping weapon





Saving right after a combat while Firebrand effects are still on = game breaker when you need to reload that save.


When reloading the timer is going down to 0s but the Firebrand weapon is still in the weapon slot.

You cannot swap any weapon with it.

If you fight,you actually fight with your fists only, but the Firebrand icon is still there.


This is obviously linked to the "reload a save while active effect was on" bug, but it leads to another bug :


If you recast Firebrand, this time the icon vanish after the spell timer.




You loose whatever equipment was in the weapon slot before you casted Firebrand.




If you put a new weapon in that weapon slot, and if you happen to have a 1H weapon plus shield before, you can only put a 1H weapon, but no shield anymore. As soon as you try to put a shield, it instead put nothing, and the first weapon from your weapon stash is "removed" instead (the shield you are draguing transform into the 1st weapon of the stash, and each time you try putting the shield, another weapon will be selected - the 2nd one in the stash, the 3rd and so on)


Quite a game breaker when you cant equip anymore your weapon set :) and have no recent save exept that bugged one !


I can provide the save if needed.

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I haven't tested it yet because I don't have a druid with Firebrand, but you should just be able to cast Firebrand again and let the timer run out to fix the broken weapon bug.


You wont get your items back though.


It's the exact same bug as this one: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/72541-aloths-grimoire-went-missing/?hl=%20kalakoth#39;s  minor  blights

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