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Can not get to Caed Nua



I have trying to leave Black Meadow through every egress.  None open up the way to Caed Nua.


I looked through the strat guide to see if I missed something.  I haven't in Black Meadow, but I do notice that Durance never appeared in Magran's Fork.  I have no idea what to do from here.  Any thoughts are appreciated.  Hell, I'd settle for a console cmd to just allow me to travel to Caed Nua.



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Had to the same issue.Try to go back to right after you left the cave during the tutorial when the cutscene happened.Camp there for the night.Once I did this for whatever reason Durance showed up and I was able to map exit to Caed Nua.I could have just gotten lucky but

hopefully it works for you.

"Very well permit me on this night. To break your hearts once more. This is the story of the Chain of Dogs. Of Coltaine of the Crow Clan, newly come fist to the 7th Army"- Duiker:Memories of Ice

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