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[Bug] Flavor text (the describing part of a conversation) doesn't work well with the voiced parts



Spoken voice doesn't seem to be recorded with the flavor text in mind. I don't have a particular example but its present all over the game, including the Maerwald conversation.


* "NPC speaks"

* Flavor text describing the NPC's facial expressions, his cloths etc.

* "More NPC dialog"

The voice actor in this example just pauses briefly after the first part (like you do for another paragraph) and than resumes the dialog. The actually quiet obvious problem is that the player has no opportunity to read the flavor text before the second part of the voiced dialog starts.

Make sure that on the same page there is no flavor text in front of voiced dialog.


* "NPC dialog"

* flavor text

* New page after the player hit continue.

* "Remaining dialog"

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I’m another one to find this rather disturbing.

I think the solution you’re proposing is the best one: ensuring voiced dialogue is alone on its "page" (or at least there is no flavour text before or in the middle of the dialogue), event if it means the same dialogue will have to be split in more pages.

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If QA or anyone else at Obsidian is just seeing this, there's also a longer thread on this over at General Discussion,


I propose to centralize the discussion there, as it is not really a bug.
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