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Progress stopping Bug - Black Screen with Cursor, program not responding





So, after the animancy hearing at Duc's palace and everything that happens there I head towards Lady Webb and find her in her bed. I "talk" to her and after that short conversation i get the narration how my path leads to Twin Elms. I close the narration and after the loading screen i get only black screen with game cursor which i can move freely, but whenever i try to click something i get the "Program not responding" prompt from the windows. 


I tried a lot of things to get through this bug (because it effectively stopped all of my progress since it is part of the main quest), including reinstallation of the game but nothing helped.


I see there are other people with the same issue (albeit after different loading screens). 


Otherwise the game ran smoothly on my system and I had no crashes whatsoever. 


Files: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Byv-_bwZc3huckt2ZEx2RFZnX28&authuser=0


If anyone could offer a solution, I'd be grateful. 


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I tried a lot of things, but no solution so far.


I tried reinstalling the game.


I tried entering the last part of the Act with different party compositions.


I tried getting rid of all passive bonuses (resting, auras, modals, etc) and then entering the last part of the Act.


I tried window/fullscreen toggle. 


I tried tweaking graphics settings.


Nothing seems to work...

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