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Mouse clicks often do not register when clicking story dialog options



I just started the game and I noticed that my clicks on story dialogs (that is, the options what you say in conversations) do not register. The options highlight alright so the game definitely knows the mouse position. It's just that the actual mouse button press only register sometimes. I can't figure out under which circumstances the click actually register.


Clicking everything else (buttons, HUD, walking around in the game etc) work fine every time.


Possibly related: Because my computer is a bit old the game is a bit sluggish so I'd like to try disabling AA per instructions in the FAQ. I can't seem to toggle/show the console though: pressing the tick has no effect on my Swedish keyboard.


Ubuntu 14.04, Nvidia 331, dual monitors. Running on fairly old hardware (Geforce GTS 250 and Phenom X2 IIRC).


Thanks (I've been waiting for a game like this ever since I played BG2 ten-fifteen years ago) :)

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