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Profile picture at character creation or not, They does now show properly, looks like bad url - Steam version





[Description of the issue]

The character profile pictures are not working.
When I Created some characters, there were no working picture to begin with.



[DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for]

1) When you create a character, go ahead to the step with profile picture (did not matter what kind of character i made, they all had the same broken-link-ish)


[Expected behaviour]



[Other remarks / Comments]




Screenshot: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=416009607

Was about to add dxdiag.txt but i were not able to add it (compressed/zipped nor unzipped)



The short version: Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro, 3200x1800 resolution, win 8.1, RAM: 8Gb, CPU: 4500U(1.8-2.4GHz), GPU: Intel graphics HD 4400.

(Can add what ever you ask for)

(Affected with no voices either... this will be added next)

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3200x1800 resolution... Intel graphics HD 4400.




I'm suprised you're able to play the game at all. Your graphics card is below minimum requirements to begin with, and with that resolution.... dropping down to 1920x1080 might help with the glitches, but you can't expect much with this kind of system.

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Haha yeah I am about to try it now actualy... ;)

I did lower the resolution in game, but i belive it might not have done so much diffrent in performance.. or.. i do now have atleast 14fps ;) (but somehow it works smooth! If it were a FPS game with 14fps, that would worse then killing yourself.. but in this.... it works!) (but last time i loaded the game i had +20fps :D)

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Here is another picture as i have now progressed in the game a bit... but all the profile pictures are gone/bad linked...


(as this is not the only bug i am exposed to, i wonder what is wrong...)
(There is not realy of music, there are No voice or what so ever, there is probably more bugs)

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Yupp, Verified file integrity but with no result... =/ (twice)

(But when i downloeded the game it said it required 16-18Gb.. i do not remember... It downloaded 6Gb, and the whole game is 13889Mb.. )


(UPDATE, i have about 14-23 fps in the game ;) but no music, not a single voice, no profile pictures that works.. and i can't tell if there are more things that is not currently working right now)

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