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Camera zoom persistent during cutscene



I did a search of the forums to see if this was reported yet and got no hits, and I didn't want to search through all pages either reading every possible spoiler. So here it is, double post or not.


I found this early in the game, as your leaving the caves where you took shelter from the w/e crazy wind storm, once you emerge from the other side, if you zoom in and continue to walk to trigger the cutscene, the camera stays zoomed throughout the cutscene, which as you can imagine, leaves a bit too much for the imagination to compensate for. In other words you cannot see. Obviously. After the scene ends you regain full control of the camera.


Not sure if this happens on every cutscene or at every camera distance. I apologize for my lacking details but it is currently 6AM here and I'm tired due to lack of sleep from playing your game. I would like to continue, but alas, my endurance fails me.



Also I would like to congratulate you, thank you, and encourage you to keep up the good work, you have a gem of a game here, keep polishing.




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