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Help me on Praying! Is this really all I can accomplish? [SPOILERS]

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I have done all the quests -- except Wael, whose book I already buried under the skull long ago, so I'm not sure if his characteristic silence is because I helped him, or because there simply is no mission and no way for him to help because he's Wael -- but there is nothing to be done in uniting the gods.


And it seems to me there should be.


Yes, they all want different things for the souls, but they all want to defeat Woedica, and all this suffering is the imbalance that comes from Woedica messing things up, interjecting herself into the mortal world. The best way should be all the gods coming together in a united action against her, drawing their powers into a single motion. And then the fate of the souls decided later, perhaps with a solution none of them considered.


But there is nothing for this.


What do I do? All the gods' offers seem like they're parts of a whole; in isolation -- fragments, incomplete.


Is this really it? Is this my only choice? All the choices are flawed? And is that the lesson? "Sometimes your only choices are bad ones. But you still have to choose"?

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