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Weapon swap exploit/bug



Was experimenting with various weapons including guns and bows when I noticed that swapping weapons would bypass the reload animation. I was using the talent that decreases weapon swap time by 1.5.


As an example. With 3 pistols equipped I could fire repeatedly with no reload simply by swapping weapons. I realize this is intended for the first 3 shots. However I was able to simply fire again and again after each weapon swap. It would happen specifically if I paused the game immediately following each shot, clicked for a weapon swap and then unpaused. The reload symbol would flash briefly by my character but never actually happen.


I'm not as certain if the other guns types have the same problem.


Also with two bows equipped I was able to abuse the weapon swap mechanic heavily.

I could lower my dex to 3 (-21%), use heavy armor (-50%) and penetrating shot (-20%) = -91% recovery speed.


I would fire an arrow, click to swap to my other bow and then be able to immediately fire another arrow. If I just let my character fire normally the delay between shots was huge over 10 seconds. However by weapon swapping the delay was no more than the usual weapon swap delay/animation.


Obviously I can simply choose not to abuse the mechanics for the most part but it does actually force me to be careful with multiple guns equiped and auto-pause setting as the guns will skip the reload animation.

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