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Prima Guide Errors



Posting this in both Steam and Obsidian forums for maximum visibility


I felt the need to list several of the Prime Strategy Guide's errors I discovered as I played.

1. In missing sentries, using the clever answer and having a resolve of at least 13, even with maxed out crucible knights rep, a clever score of 4, and a modified resolve of 20, does not give an option for asking how long she has been waiting. The only option is to tell her she has been luring the knights to their deaths and having her attack.
2. It says the knights can be saved if you kill her without hurting the knights. I have done this, and the knights remain hostile until killed. Nothing I have tried, including exhuasting all conversation options, and killing her without dealing so much as a single point of damage to the knights. I do have the option ticked for showing unusable conversation options, and the resolve 13 one doesnt show up even then.
3. If you have an Honesty score of at least 2, Grimlda does believe you when you when you tell her wael told you to hide it (also it should be she instead of he, but I am focusing on game errors, not spelling
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