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Needs better debuff and buff icons

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The tiny, itsy bitsy little icons beside the character portraits just aren't enough. There needs to be a more visible means of seeing when characters are feared, terrified, ect. As it stands, the majority of the time I don't even bother attempting to remove debuffs since I have no idea they've been hit by them in the first place. "Oh, my guy isn't moving. Why isn't he moving? Oh, he's been stunned." isn't exactly the best way to indicate that they need help. At least that gives me a visual indicator, though. But dazed? Terrified? Sickened? Nope, just a tiny icon that you barely notice.


Likewise, I have to mouse over an enemy to see what debuffs are affecting it.


There needs to be a more clear indication of what debuffs are in play without needing to go searching for them.

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I sign this 100%. Your guys are stuck in a brawl and everytime they don`t do the things they are supposed to, you wonder whether they just started hitting random mobs and ignored ur command  (yet again) or are stunned, feared, paralyzed or whatsoever. Those tiny symbols at the portraits are really way too small and way too "offscreen". There needs to be a clear animation onscreen showing the crowdcontrol effects on each partymember/monster like in Baldursgate. Makes it heaps more comfortable to navigate the battlefield. I mean damagenumbers onscreen but such important debuffs not ? Come on !

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