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Raedric's Keep - game freezes if I exit the castle



For Raedric's Keep, I snuck up the vines on the far left of the map, killed some of the soldiers outside the castle, then entered the castle. After clearing out most of the soldiers and priests inside and speaking to the necromancer woman in the dungeons, I realized I would need someone with better mechanics to open the locked doors. I decided to exit the keep and return to town.


Exiting the castle via the dungeon moat exit or the far left door to the ramparts results in a black screen. The music still plays and I can still move the cursor around. However, the game is unresponsive and Windows shows the option to close the game if I try clicking.


The game save, output file, and system info are in this Dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/skayenz6qjbiilu/RaedricFreezeIssue.zip?dl=0

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