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Aloth companion quest not showing up in journal



As the topic says, Aloth's companion quest does not show up in my quest journal. I assume this is because I declined his offer to join when I first met him and only later invited him. I do not have any "before" savegames, so I didn't include any (nor the dxdiag file, because it is not that kind of bug). The only way I discovered that he actually had a quest is when he died and the message "Two-sided (or whatever his quest is called) failed" showed up. Note that I do not consider that a terrible bug because I will get rid of him as soon as I find someone to replace him as the sixth group member anyway, but it IS a bug, so there.

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There is a companion quest for Aloth? I had no idea!


I saw that there was one for Eder but I had no idea Aloth had one as well.... Is it triggerred later, I wonder?


As opposed to you, I did recruit him when he first oferred so I am not sure if this is a timing issue...

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