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borderless fullscreen? window mode problems



any chance we could get borderless fullscreen? that would be really nice.


i am playing on a 5k retina imac and have run into a bunch of issues. fullscreen works fine but then i can't tab into other programs.


when exiting fullscreen, it often puts the PoE window undernearth the system menubar. like this, so the top bar of the PoE window is hidden (sry it's not a great screenshot, the black area is all unexplored area from the actual game window):




another problem is if i play with full resolution my monitor can do, then i leave fullscreen, now the window is much larger than my screen due to the retina display, so i can't play at all without going back into fullscreen.


if i set the game resolution while fullscreen to the same amount my desktop normally works like: 2560x1440, then when i leave fullscreen, if i don't get the thing with the window bar hidden under the system menu bar, then bottom of my screen is cut off.


what i think it should do is: if the PoE window is the same size as your screen resolution, then stick the window bar under the system menu bar, so the game actually fits without having the bottom pushed below the screen.


but if the PoE window is smaller than your screen resolution, then have the window bar showing so you can drag it around to different places.


so far i've gotten pretty much the opposite of that, but it may be random, i don't know what causes what result.


anyway borderless fullscreen would be the best setting to make available anyway and then the rest of this stuff wouldn't really matter.

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