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Hello there,

"Help me, as you helped the people here", say the guy in green garb.
Who are you ?
Noble origin, given settings, who exactly would have time + access to data in that setting, oh, right, move where data is ?.
From there, some will tell you piece (education into the local castle, easy life, want throne as he is not even the heir (or, is he, hehe, guess I'll have to go to the local city, archives they are there, so data could still be found ?
Still, no way to know who is the more advanced (open) of the two as it is.

Could something like a book or npc "friend" be added ?
As they are quite good & interesting books as it is, it should not have been that hard.

As it is, Im quite tempted to kill all, as there is no way to know who will be the better ruler (even if, the green guy being younger as more options than the other, who on the other hand as more support & power, who are mandatory as to making (even on a local scope) change upon society.

Otherwise, the way it is so far handled is quite good, hints & crossroads. Guess I'll have to see it later on, but if books where actually including (not all) data as to NPC, Quests, etc..

Same goes for the Animancer & the Priest, ok, the animancer is making peoples into thralls (undead), which is bad (or at last, would be, as there to, more data are required, so far, the one giving informations on her experiments = prisoner, not the more inclined advice it could be.
(She could very well go for sick/near death one, which would place her from the dark toward the gray area (..)).


Advices, how are you going so far ?

Adaptation + bene vivere, pas si simple.

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