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Many white "name error" boxes in companion menu





I have problems with my companions. As you can see on the screenshots, I have many bugged companions in my party menu. They do not exist. I can add them to group, but they cannot do anything.


Furthermore, if I add customed build companions from inns. What should happen if I dismiss them? Should they be in my keep? I dont find them there if not in group. However, I can add them from the party menu (but they are at the end of this white boxes list...)


Anyone else got this problem? I can live with it for the moment, but I dont want to bug my whole process because of this.





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It's happening with Ranger companion pets as well.  They're simply vanishing from the game, and rendering continuing impossible due to "You must gather your part before venturing forth".  *sigh*

I'm stuck atm as well, until this gets resolved.  :-(

Hope they fix it soon.

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Okay it is connected to the ranger pet bug. I checked all my savegames (thanks god I make a lot) and the bug with the fake characters and companions bugged is all related to the ranger pet. As the devs says: DO NOT continue with game if the ranger pets gets white picture screen and no name! It will bug your whole game! quit the client and load old savegame.


maybe dont use rangers at all. there are a few bugs with them....

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