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I'm currently building a ranged rogue (not an optimal build for rogue or ranged hero I know) and can't decide on weapon specialization class due to confusion regarding different ranged weapons.


As I understand it, bows are generally higher interrupt and lower damage compared to firearms (although firearms can pierce Arcane Veil), but what about attack speed and potential upgrades/enchantments? From the Wiki, there seem to be much better unique bows than unique pistols or blunderbusses.


Are there any quantitative values for attack speed for each class of projectile weapon? I know firearms have reload time, but just how much slower is it?



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Well, no one here seems to have anything to add. I went ahead and made a pistol rogue and the reload time is VERY long (almosts twice as slow as a war bow). THe damage output however (assuming good accuracy) is outstanding and with high crits (vicious fighting) and damage bonuses for the rogue, I can one-shot a lot of moderately difficult enemies. Gunner talent and other bonuses should help down the road.

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