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Raederic Castle Peaceful

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I'm trying to take over the castle while murdering as few folks as possible. I've already come up via the sewers. Then disguised myself as a monk and got the key from the priest because I had freed the guy in the sewers.


Now I don't know where to go because everywhere is full of guards! He told me to avoid the main hall and I feel like that is down on the first floor and the only way to go. Where am I supposed to go to sneak up on the leader?

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There is a room that looks like a library to the left of the room with the Old priest. There should be a door there that can be unlocked with the key which he gives you. Take the staircase up and you will find yourself in the throne room. 


Be prepared for a fight once you approach the dias. If its too hard, tell him that you will cooperate and he will let you go. At that point reposition and kill the mage in an alpha strike. Follow that up by killing the priest and then the Archer.

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