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Stuck because of blocked character



Hello fellow players and devs,

I'm in need of assistance, as I have a broken savegame which prevents me from going on.


Description and Steps to reproduce:

I'm not sure how I did get there, so I don't know the exact steps on how to reproduce my issue. But here is what happened: when messing around with my group (creating new characters, switching them around in Stronghold and other locations) Kana (the chanter) became detached from my group (like a second Kana standing on EVERY single map, all in different locations though). You could talk to him and even have a second Kana in your group. Now, what prevents me from going on is the fact that he now is in my group but stands in the water south from Ondras Gift, where it is not possible to move him around (you can see the "blocked" curser symbol on the screenshot).


This is the link for dropbox to the files needed to clear the issue:



I would appreciate any help on solving the issue.


Matt aka Shadowsong

PS: Please tell me if anything is missing or you didnt understand what its all about - because my english isnt the best. Thanks!

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