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Quest Text Tweak Needed: "Escape the Ruins"



Found a slight confusing dialogue issue which could use a tweak at some point.  Not urgent.


If you opt to rest in the ruins at any time, Calisca leaves the party and you don't see her again.  However, when you arrive in the Gilded Vale, the conversation with the sister indicates you know that Calisca died.  You don't know this, however.  Perhaps the dialogue options should be adjusted if Calisca leaves the party, perhaps stating that you 'fear' she is dead since she would have been in Gilded Vale by now.


A cooler option would be to find her a captive at the same camp fire where Tenfrith is captured.  Upon her release, the sisters quest ends when you arrive at her home, or Calisca's injuries require you to continue the Mother's Plea quest as already scripted.


Just a thought.

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