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Broken Quest - His Old Self

Terror K


I've run into a problem with this quest. I've given Purnisc the ring like Kaenra asked, but when I got to report back to her she asks me if I have and the only dialogue option I have is that I haven't. I don't seem to be able to finish or continue the quest.


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I have finished the quest successfully but probably because

the guy is not Purnisc. Purnisc is somewhere else



Yes, but you should still be able to stop the quest where they are if you prefer and not investigate further; I believe it even says in the journal that you can go back now if you want.



I had a small bug for the same quest; after reporting back and completing it successfully, talking to Kaenra again leads to her dialogue option that shows during the quest where she asks me if I've delivered the ring, to which I can only reply no.

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