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I'm really digging the cipher class, but I can't figure out what the heck Recall Agony even does. I can read the description just fine, but I've tried it in combat and can't see anything relevant in the log. Surely it doesn't just do 30% of one blow's worth of damage over many seconds (in which case it actually gets worse with high int)?


If anyone could point it out to me I'd be very grateful :)

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I've been using it and I'm not sure either, might be bugged. I thought it was meant to do 30% of all damage taken during that period.

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I've found the description confusing too.


Tested it a little just then, and I'm pretty sure it adds 30% more damage to each attack that the target receives, while the spell is active on them.


The log just doesn't show the extra damage being dealt on each attack, just like the Soul Ignition spell...

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