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Hi all,


On the first level of the temple of Eothas in Gilded Vale, the Prima guide suggests there are several scouting objects to find that simply are not turning up for me. Any suggestions?


A more specific query I have is on the first level, off to the east where you encounter a vision, there appears to be a room north of it through a bricked up arch. I can tell because (a) the Prima guide shows one, and (b) the mouse cursor suggests I can could interact with it as it changes to a pointing hand. However, clicking on it does nothing... What gives?



The Dude abides.

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Every hidden thing was found by my 20 Perception, 0 Mechanics tank. Go figure. There are 2 on the upper floor, and more on the lower, but I haven't been able to clear out the entire lower level, I'm skipping the 2 skuldr king fight for now.

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