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Mislabelled item in merchant listing



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Hey VanishedOne,


Seal of Faith is a Priest only ring, that extends the amount of spells per rest they can cast. Lora sells this ring. It looks like you got them stacked on top of each other. Is this the case indefinitely or does the shop correct itself after a save/load? If it is stuck this way, I'd love to get a save file/output.log from you if you could.


Keep of the good work citizen 

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Actually I had a similar issue in Defiance Bay's smithy. In the item list a couple of weapons were labeled as rings of deflection. Hovering over them showed the correct stats but the name was wrong. This corrected itself later -- probably after exiting the store.


I may have had a similar issue in normal inventory as well, but I was pretty tired at that point and if it really happened, it corrected itself so quickly that I couldn't confirm it.

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