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Auto-Pause on Weapon Ineffective: Broken? Confusing? Wrong?

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Hi,  Kickstarter backer here, but first time POE poster.


POE has a Gameplay option named similarly to an old Infinity Engine one: Auto-pause on Weapon Ineffective.


The purpose of this gameplay feature has historically been to let you know when the weapon you're using to attack your target is ineffective, whether due to innate damage reduction, protection spells, or your weapon broke among others.


In POE, I enabled this option because it's useful information to be alerted to, and I was confused because it was going off all the time from my very first combat encounter - nearly every round in combat with: Auto-pause: Weapon ineffective (your character name).  My character's a fighter and came with a sword and I was thinking, "Are they really throwing enemies that are highly resistant to swords this early in the game?!  They're just bandits!".


A little later on when I was fighting a single young wolf, I paid special attention to what was going on.  I finally noticed that it was only auto-pausing with the weapon ineffective message every time *I* was hit by the enemy.  It's pausing to alert me that the enemy's weapon is ineffective on me.


This seems completely backwards and broken compared to previous implementations of the feature and for it to have any use in this game.


Is there some place to report gameplay bugs like this?


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