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Withdraw (priest lvl1 spell) is abusable

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You can use the spell to put your ally into stasis for 20 seconds, and right now it's possible to block a doorway by having an ally withdrawn in the doorway, which makes him invulnerable but acts as an obstacle to the enemy. The AI doesn't know how to deal with this, so they stand there and you can take free potshots with your other characters. Since the abilitys cast time is also very small, once withdraw ends you can do it again without the person taking any damage in the time between. Currently this makes it possible to beat several fights that are way above you by abusing this mechanic.


Either give the ability a longer cast time, or make withdrawn allies not count as an obstacle.


Before people come in and say "just don't do it then", I don't. Just trying to give my 2 cents and contribute to balancing efforts.

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