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So much soul, so bleeding good! [NO SPOILERS]

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This is just a short write-up of my praise after ten hours in the game.


So, I had been waiting for 2,5 years for PoE (and many more years at that for a game like this), and did Obsidian deliver?


Yes, in spades!


It's absolutely fantastic!!


I'm a completionist and I play at the Path of the Damned difficulty. I've talked to all NPCs, I scour the areas, read all books and narrative, and the story is simply outstanding and truly fabulous! It's mature, complex and a nice level of semi-high fantasy. I really care about the intrigue and the story threads that I get to unravel (as opposed to WL2 and DA:I, where my care-cup isn't even half-full). Thank you, Obsidian!


As for combat, I decided to go auto-x2 slow and I have never looked back since. It's exciting and sometimes frustrating and difficult. The monsters and encounters are varied and very cool, in spectacular areas. For a low level CRPG, it's the best CRPG in this regard, ever! :)


As a whole, the gamet feels like an upgraded BG for the 2010s, and it's an improvement in so many ways.


I feel like giving it 98/100.


There, done! Superb!! :yes:

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*** "The words of someone who feels ever more the ent among saplings when playing CRPGs" ***


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