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About Combat mod, Stealth mechanics and freedom

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Hi everyone,


As a lover of Black isles games I found a thing really odd and I wanted to share with you and get advices and feedbacks about what look like a BIG involution here in Pillars of eternity :


The combat mod and party members management.


I'll try to be as specific as I can but english is not my native langage so please, feel free to correct me when I'm not getting something well.


Here is the thing that bashed my face in the middle when I was atempting some combat strategies :


I can't make my rogue remain stealth when I am entering combat mod, apparently the whole party is a train and if anyone enter combat, the whole team follow and stealth mechanic don't work anymore.

A rogue is not really a rogue anymore and that is a pain to note that.


So combat is forced for all my party members and I feel a lot limitated in strategic planning.


In the overall I find Pillars of eternity lacking the freedom the BG/IWD series had, and that is why I loved this games, being able to play each characters as I feet and not as the devs wanted.


Thanks for your listening folks.

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