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I want to start Path of the Damned level. And i want to create full custom party for that, so i need a little help about builds and party composition.


I think about this:


Paladin - Tank

Fighter - Tank

Rogue - Melee dps

Cipher - Ranged/CC

Priest - healer/support 2nd line

Wizzard - Dps aoe/CC


What do you think about this?


And few Question:


Rogue - at PotD diffilcult better melee or ranged with firearm? I want him to be biggest dmg dealer (i dont care if he will be hard to micromanagement)

Wizzard or Druid for dps aoe and CC, who is better??

Front line - 2tanks is good idea??




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I think that's a good combo, you might also consider getting a defensive monk (can be built to have lots of crowd control and tankiness) or chanter tank/summoner (for even more tankiness with summons) instead of paladin or rogue. That being said, I appreciate the rogue pick because it requires good tactics and once you make it work rogue can take down a big threat really fast. I definately suggest making the rogue a melee dual wielder, but you can start the fight with a ranged attack. Also keep in mind that some druid spells help rogue get backstabs. (e.g flanked effect in a spell i can't remember right now). You'll want to support your rogue with casters if you want him/her to be main damage dealer.


I think priests, wizards and druids are really good for higher difficulties since you can just unleash all your spells and win a really tough fight then just rest and move on. Priest is also a good couple with cipher imo, since a priest will make your party last longer with healing and buffs and cipher will be able to cast a lot of spells during a long fight.

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If you don't have at least two characters that can hold a few enemies in close combat and not die, you will struggle when you can't use chokepoints to your advantage as they will swarm your squishies in the back. With only Edêr i struggle with containing the enemies sometimes (on hard). Anything that isn't a high deflection tank dies too quickly, so my recommendation is having two of them. If you want to super min/max it's certainly possible that you want two fighters instead of paladins and such.

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