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3MIG 20INT pure crowd control + smooth talker wizard

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MIG    3

CON  10

DEX  19

PER   8

INT    20

RES  18


Race: Moon Godlike or Fire Godlike

20Int grant you 50% longer duration, 60% larger AOE and the Bonus AOE of a spell won't affect allies.


A wizard can be a top controller at merely level 1 by using Chill fog and Slicken(long duration & large AOE Blind & Prone under 20Int).

wizards also have a powerful spell Eldritch Aim, +15 Accuracy for 15 sec(20Int), makes crowd control spells almost 100% hit.

At higher level you can learn spells that can confuse, paralyze, hypnosis or even petrify enemies, and most of these spells are AOE(affect by Int).

 With these advantages, a wizard can be a top controller in no doubt :sorcerer: 

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Just for you guys to know, damage spells like Concelhaut's Corrosive Siphon and Concelhaut's Draining Touch are not affected by Might, you can use these spells to deal damage if you like.

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