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3MIG 20INT pure crowd control + smooth talker wizard

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MIG    3

CON  10

DEX  19

PER   8

INT    20

RES  18


Race: Moon Godlike or Fire Godlike

20Int grant you 50% longer duration, 60% larger AOE and the Bonus AOE of a spell won't affect allies.


A wizard can be a top controller at merely level 1 by using Chill fog and Slicken(long duration & large AOE Blind & Prone under 20Int).

wizards also have a powerful spell Eldritch Aim, +15 Accuracy for 15 sec(20Int), makes crowd control spells almost 100% hit.

At higher level you can learn spells that can confuse, paralyze, hypnosis or even petrify enemies, and most of these spells are AOE(affect by Int).

 With these advantages, a wizard can be a top controller in no doubt :sorcerer: 

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