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Why the hell am I at work when I can be playing this glorious game?

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Thank you so much obsidian!


The game is incredible. The story is incredible. The characters are incredible. The voice acting is incredible. The dialogue is incredible! 


I was totally taken off guard by the swearing, never got that in a fantasy RPG before, freakin amazing! Tastefully done too and not just shoved in there. Also loving the eerie dream sequences and watcher trances. The overall dark and creepy nature of the game is wonderful.


Only have a few criticisms so far, most of them deal with my ****ty computer. That will get fixed soon enough. I wanna play through a bit more before posting any improvement suggestions. But definitely bring in import/export. I NEED TO POWERGAME AT MAX LEVEL :p


So I work till 4:30, then babysit my nephew till 9. God I wish I can go plaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!! I need more!



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