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Hi guys,


I'm planning on rolling a ranged Cipher for my PC, and I was looking on some feedback on attributes scores, skills, abilities, talents etc. for the first few levels


There's some stuff on Youtube and on the forums, but I noticed the day 1 patch gave the class a serious overhaul and I'm afraid most information is outdated by now. 


Does anyone have any post-day 1 patch feedback on this?


BTW I was thinking of going with a human (for aesthetic reasons) and using a blunderbuss if that is still a viable tactic 

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M 18

C 3

D 18

P 4

I 19

R 16


Max Int,Might,Dex dump con and Perception or Resolve. Race: elf for +5 accuracy bonus (affect all spells) or Aumua for another pistol slot. Start fight witch mental binding (best quick low level spell) paralysing enemy (they get -40 to deflection) then shoot them with crosbows/pistols (easy to hit).

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