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various bugs



I've experienced an infinite tutorial page turning sound loop.


My chanter's pets won't disappear after a fight, i've a ghost always following me. He can die in a fight.


There's an uncontrollable ghost (chanter pet) in my fortress inner court, when killed, he stays on the ground like a party member. There's another one near the keeper's house.


I'm told there's a npc waiting for a job (soul hunter something) in my fortress but I only find another ghost chanter pet.


I'm stuck with infinite bandits attacks in my fortress, I killed them several times, went inside the dungeon and outside, they're always in the court waiting to get killed over and over gain. When I reload from a save BEFORE I chose to fight them, they're still in the court. ???


I can't complete Lord of the Barren quest, I killed raedric but the quest isn't completed, I'm told to kill raedric, some npc in gilded vale aknowledge i killed him.


I reloaded from a previous save BEFORE the fight with raedric, the throne room is empty. ???

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