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Quick Bugs/Issues seen



Game going great in general, here are few things I noticed while tooling around. I do have a strong focus on Auto-Pause features because I want to keep a tight method of play.


Using the Auto-Pause Feature of Auto-Pause when Character is Hit. It pauses when we hit the enemy instead, or it gets confused at some point and flips. It is pausing when I hit the enemy and not vice versa, I watched this one pretty close to make sure.


Auto-Pause feature Party Member Finishes Ability - It would be ideal if this worked off of default attack as well. What happens is many times you will want to do the default, but it will never pause in that case. To get a pseudo turn-base, if it was to auto-pause every character action that would be ideal. That said, Rogue doing Crippling Strike when done with that skill, it didn't pause, so it seems like skills aren't auto-pausing when done as per definition. I believe other skills weren't auto-pausing as well, but not certain.


When hot-keying to use Highlight Interactables. If you have control of all party members prior, once you do this quick look see, it drops control of the whole party to a single player and that creates additional clicking to get back to the whole team. It probably should be able to be used without affecting what team members are selected or not.


Background ambiance, not music, should continue to work when pressing pause, background continues to play. Small immersion killer.


Next or Previous Character keyboard toggle doesn't work in inventory.


On screen loading tips come and go too fast. A menu option to confirm continuation after load would be nice so one could read the tips or have a place we can just go view all the tips.






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