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How do I get the extras on Steam?

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So I see that the soundtrack and all that are listed as DLC I downloaded with PoE but I cannot see anyway to access them. Steam says I should be able to access them after I boot up the game but I do not see how. I also do not see anything in my PoE directory on my hard drive. So what gives? I would like to see the Almanac and al that.


The Steam forums scare me so hopefully somebody will answer here heh.

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If you are still having problems try following these instructions


1. In the Steam client library section, deselect all of the DLC for the game

2. Then select any non ingame DLC just to see if it makes a new folder.

3. After selecting the first dlc look at the bottom of your steam client where it shows completed downloads and keep in mind that the the guides may take time to completely download

4. Go to your Pillars of Eternity installation folder to check to see if the download completed then repeat the above with all of the DLC and wait for the download to complete for each one.

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