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Release version - Bug when keybinding ESC key

Peaceful Anarchy


If the ESC key is pressed when the prompt for a new keybinding appears, sometimes it just exits out of the keybinding screen alltogether, but other times it tries to both rebind the key and exit from the keybinding menu. When this happens, You get two overlaid menu options, the first is:

Escape is already bound to options. Unding it


Regardless of whether you press Accept, cancel or the xon the top right, this box then disappears and you're left with the second popup which is now entirely greyed out and nothing is selectable.


The music continues to play on this screen, but there seems to be no option but to CTRL ALT DEL


This doesn't happen every time you try to rebind the ESC key, but it is repeatable, both in game and in the main menu.

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