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So regarding Darcozzi Paladin

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So still deciding to make my first character, but I like the idea of the Darcozzi paladin being protectors and ambassadors of the Old Vailian culture. However their prefered disposition seems to be clever, does it mean to play as one I need to literally be an Han Solo character?


Because that's not an archtype I like to play but at the same time I find strange an order having being a jokster as a requirement. Can anybody who played this game clarify exactly in what consists being "clever" in pillars? Does this mean I can never be serious and rational and must take everything lightly as a wisecracker?


I don't really want to start investing on a character right to eventually abandon it due to this since I have very limited free time.

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Their condemned behaviors are Stoic and Cruel. There's nothing stopping you from being Rational.


Clever is celebrated behavior, as is Passionate, but that does not mean you can't be more than that.

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