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Strange Purple Video Effect



For whatever reason I'm getting a weird purple graphic effect, wasn't there originally.

Using the latest drivers on a 295x2. I don't get this in any other game I play.



I've tried verifying file integrity, no change.


Uninstalled and reinstalled, no change.


I currently have the game installed on a 512mb Samsung 840 Pro SSD.

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I have this exact same issue. It is quite annoying. Pink all over the place. I do not really want to play the game this way, as it is beyond distracting and takes away from the experience.


Corpses, characters, the pig.


This is the only game I see this problem on as well.


I am running with a 2GB Quadro K1100M video card on a Thinkpad W540 laptop.

Video card drivers are the latest: 347.88



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Here is another image of the issue. This is just the start of the game, and it is just too much. 


I am going to wait for this to be addressed before I continue with the game further. I have waited too long for the game to ruin it by playing with such a glaring issue.



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I have tracked down more information related to this issue.


I am able to get around it on my Laptop by forcing the game to ignore the Nvidia card and use the integrated Intel graphics card. Unfortunately performance is pretty abysmal with the integrated card versus the Nvidia card.


The issue itself appears to be related to transparency. Blood, stealthing, and so on. Anything that adds a transparent effect to things is pink instead.

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Are you running a Windows, Mac or Linux OS?

I think it will help a lot if you post further information about your systems here.


On Windows



  1.     Press Windows Key + R.
  2.     Type MSInfo32 and press Enter.
  3.     In the MSInfo diagnostic window, click File, then Export.
  4.     When the Export As window appears, choose Desktop.
  5.     Name the file "MSInfo" and click Save.


  1.     Press Windows Key + R.
  2.     Type DxDiag and press Enter.
  3.     In the DxDiag window, click Save All Information.
  4.     Name the file "dxdiag" and click Save.

On Linux:

  • Use "inxi > output_inxi.txt" or "lshw > output_lshw.txt" to print hardware details.
  • Print additional OS details by "lsb_release -a" (you may remove your host name)

On Mac:

  • Type "system_profiler" in a terminmal to print full system information



P.S. I'm not facing these pink issues.

P.P.S. Is there another official way to post bug reports containing sensitive information?

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I have been able to reproduce the issue on both Windows 8.1 and on Windows 10.


I am fairly sure the OS in my case does not matter, and it would happen with any version of windows. It is the video card.

This is only happening with this game though, and nothing else, which is the unfortunate part.


I have tried three different versions of video card drivers as well. Some months old, up to the newest which are weeks old.

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The issue has been addressed for me.


The issue was not directly my OS, but in a way it was.

I updated to the latest Windows 10 Build, which triggered a download of a new Nvidia driver which is not actually available to download yet directly from Nvidia.


As soon as the new drivers installed from Nvidia the problem went away.

The working driver version is 349.65.

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I also have encountered this bug. Drivers, windows updates, cache verification, and various setting changes did not help me.


However, I have found that completely turning off my PC and booting up will rid the pink textures from my game.


If I restart instead of completely shutting down this does not work. If I close PE and run it a 2nd time the pink textures return.


I am running PE from an internal SSD on a laptop with a 780M GeForce card with the latest public driver, 347.88. I use windows 8.1. I run the game on a 2nd monitor. I also play PE with the IEmod installed but my testing shows that isn't affecting this.

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