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Black screen / not responding upon leaving Raedric's Castle



Killed the guy without talking to him, shot one of his guards so it didn't prompt the conversation.


Now every time i attempt to exit the castle or visit the upper floors of the castle it stops responding after the load screen, giving me a black screen. 


(tried the upper exit, front door. Sewer exit)


I could enter the sewer area, but once i tried to load out of the sewer area into the world it would hang there too.


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I'm having a similar problem. Was able to get into Raedric's Castle via the vines on the west side of the map. I went into the priest area, down into the dungeon. I killed the woman down there, then I went back up to the priest area via the kitchens. Now anytime I try to leave the castle (upper ramparts or Siege Platform) the screen transitions to the loading screen, then a black screen with movable cursor. After that it just sits there forever.

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