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Loot Issue



Hi guys !


First of all, thanks Obsidian for the game ! Just started it and can't wait to see more. I seem to have an issue though (or maybe i'm just stupid) when i try to loot an enemy or crates etc. 

When i click on glowing dead enemies, nothing happens. When  i click on interactables, i hear the sound effect but no loot window or anything. I'v played for an hour now but didn't loot a single thing.


Do i do something wrong ?


EDIT : Ok so i managed to loot enemies after loading a previous save. Seems random as I tried to reload that same save and couldn't loot again. I then tried that save 5 times which resulted in 3 ok loads and 2 NOK loads.

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The same issue... But in my case even old savegames are broken now. Can't find any working one...


Added: After switching language from Russian to English and back it started to work.

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