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Int affects the AOE and Duration of your abilities/spells. Might affects Damage/Healing. So if you are doing an evocation wizard or healer priest, you want Might. If you are throwing out large AOE buffs, you want Int. Ideally, you want both for wizards.

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Might affects all damage from anything. If that character is producing damage, it is affected by Might. Abstract, I know, but it eliminates the "always pump THIS one stat for Wizards, and THIS one stat for Warriors!", etc., dilemma.


If you have average Might, you'll just do +0% damage. Unless you strictly dump it, you shouldn't be doing crappy damage or anything. But, if you value the control aspect of your Wizard over the damage numbers he's putting out, I'd worry more about Intellect, as Magrusaod said. Heck, you can even focus on Perception, if you want to interrupt the crap out of everyone, etc. Or Dex if you want to be able to cast/attack much more frequently. (You can choose the Blast class talent, and wield a wand, then max out DEX and attack as often as possible).


It's really just up to you, :)


I wouldn't try to focus on more than a few stats, though, or you'll just end up with all average stats (which is fine, if that's what you want -- a jack of all trades, sort of).

Should we not start with some Ipelagos, or at least some Greater Ipelagos, before tackling a named Arch Ipelago? 6_u

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