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5 Bugs in german gog version windows



Bug1: In character creation, in the description of the racial ability of the nature godlike, the word dexterity (Geschicklichkeit) is not shown as codex link. (It is not red and the is no decription shown when you put the cursor over it.) In the english version dexterity is linked to the codex.


Bug2: When you create paladins or priests and you select the order/god, the things your god/order liks are shown but the ones he dislikes are not shown. Like it is shown that god X likes diplomatic, but it is not shown that he dislikes cruel. In the english version everything is shown.


Bug3: When you create a ranger, you select your animal companion, then you select its name and then you select your attributes. There is always a button that brings you back to the last thing you selected. This button is not shown when you enter the name of the animal companion. You have to click on the symbols on top of the screen to get back to the things you selected before.


Bug4: The names of many weapons are wrong. For example the hunting bow is called "Intellect+2". I have found only weapons with wrong names, no other items. But I only played the starting area. Picture added from the first shop you meet.


Bug5: When people talk, the things people say are written with white text and things that describe the character or what happens have grey text. But often the things people say is also written in grey.


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