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Can't use the South Road? What gives?

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So I just left the ruin area and came across a cut scene with some people performing a ritual (staying vague to avoid spoilers).


After the cut-scene I need to head towards Gilded Vale - however I can't figure out how to leave the area.  The "Road South" doesn't seem to activate, I move through the archway but still remain in the same area.  Any ideas what I am doing wrong here?


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Did you click on the travel icon near the exit, or just try walking to the edge of the screen? The latter does nothing, you have to actively click the travel icon near a map exit to bring up the world map and move between areas.

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So the freeze bug appear fixed but now this south road icon doesnt seem to be there?  I can go back to the caves with that icon and I can see that it should have a icon on the map but there is no icon in the game world to move to the south road?



*** I figured ti out.  I didnt understand the use of the map for travel.

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