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Anyone have Nvidia DSR working at 4K or 5K?



'm unable to get Nvidia DSR working at 5120x3200 (2x 1600p). DSR is handy for removing aliasing, and I expect it to run wonderfully on this game since the game has low performance requirements. 

For some reason it's not applying at all though, and I'm not sure if it's the game or a driver issue. My graphics card is a GTX 980 using the latest Nvidia drivers (347.88 - WHQL). 

The way I confirm DSR is working, other than visual inspection for jaggies, is taking a screenshot in-game, then viewing the dimensions of that screenshot and confirming they match your DSR resolution. My screenshots are 2560x1600 still but the in-game resolution under Graphic Options is set to 5120x3200. 

Just curious if it's working for anyone, I could have driver issues.

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