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Attributes and skill checks

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I'm in a bit of dilemma in regards to skill points. Trying to create a Wizard character prioritizing Intellect, Perception, Might and Dexterity, in that order more or less.. but I'm uncertain on how specialized to make skill points without missing out on dialoge options! Preferably I would like to keep any score, including intellect, at or below 16 to allow room for the other skills, but I don't want to miss every other dialoge check (frankly, the most thing important to me).

Without spoiling anything: Is there a significant portion of skill checks that require 17int or above?

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sorry to disappoint you but not only skills and attributes affect dialog choices, but also other factors such as class, gender, deity, and more. See here:


Pillars of Eternity: Special Dialog Options


So in one playthrough you will most likely see only a fraction of the dialog choices no matter how you assign your attribute and skill points


Also some checks for attributes require 18 or above (though 16 should unlock most)


I'd suggest not worrying about it and focusing on the attributes and skills that are important to you.

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