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Stragey Guide Backer Credits listing question

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This isn't an "omg big deal" thing, just wondering. What were the qualifications for Obsidian picking the folks listed in that massive list of people in the back of the book? I was under the assumption it involved people who partook in the fundraising event 2.5 years ago, and that by spending $66 I would be on this listing. I didn't find myself, which you know, is fine. I purchased a game with goodies, and received them. Just you know, curious if I failed to meet a qualification, like a cut off point, or if there was an error made? 

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Would also like to know considering I bought the pyhsical CE and made sure to complete the survey etc and fill out the 'how do you want your name to appear' section in time.


EDIT:  Nevermind...blonde moment, found myself.

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I checked the KS page, it says "SPECIAL THANKS IN GAME CREDITS" at the $100 tier up. This also granted the silver forum badge. Judging by the post above and the fact that I'm not in the credits either, I suspect this was the cut-off tier. I guess listing all 77k people would be a bit too much.  :biggrin:

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